Color String Guitar Method

The Color String Guitar Method is a 3 part book series that makes it easy for kids as young as 6 to successfully play the guitar. Designed for students ages 6-12 to progress from absolute beginner to an intermediate guitar player, the books build on the basics as the lessons gradually add fun, recognizable, new and slightly more challenging material. What makes the CSGM so unique is that it uses 6 multi-colored strings that the written music corresponds with. Students intuitively recognize this relationship and can literally start playing within minutes!!

The CSGM can be self taught at home, it’s even possible for a parent to help their child learn, or visa-versa smile

Membership has its perks!

Our Membership Package Includes:

10 Educational videos instructed by the CSGM creator Jesse Henry and his accomplished student Avery.

Digital "Sheet" Music of all 39 songs and exercises

Recordings of each song. Listening to the song and knowing how it sounds really helps a student's success.

Guitar Lessons for Children

Sample Of Video Lesson 1

Sample of “Sheet” music and song recordings

Maya (student) is just 6 so her little fingers gets sore. Teaching on line over zoom, it was so so easy to get her to play pieces because using the colour coded strings and the frets it was easy for me to explain and for her to understand and then she was excited to play her pieces.

Sandy Segal

Music Teacher Capetown, South Africa

The Color String Guitar Method books introduce the guitar in a fun and palatable way that gets kids excited about each new song and lesson. They start with the orange string and learn to master rhythm, finger position, and performance. Pretty soon, the kids are eager to take the next challenge, move on to the next lesson in the book, onto the next string, and onto the next book. Before they know it, they have learned how to play a chord, a scale, a song. The best part is you don’t have to be a kid to understand and learn to play the guitar with the Color String Guitar Method.

Eric Nassau

Musician/Music Teacher, Columbus, OH